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Who is Lace & Lattice?  Well at the helm of the business is me aka Lydia… I’m a Daughter, Mother, Friend and a Bride To Be! Very Gladiator description. 

Due to become a Mrs in 2020 but we all know how that’s panned out so now fingers crossed a Wife to Be in 2021! So a huge shout out to all the Bride & Grooms who have had to postpone their big day.

Lace & Lattice has been created within the beating heart of our home and around our son’s life! I have loved all things wedding related since I was about 10 years old and I watched JLo & Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner (who doesn’t love that film?).

I’ve dreamt about being a bride most of my life and I’m lucky enough to have found my “Mr Big” aka John (I know uncanny right same as Carrie Bradshaw herself) As you may have guessed I’m also a lover of SATC.

I would love L&L to become the UK’s number one go to for bridal gifts, seasonal items by supporting British Brands, Sourcing Sustainable Products and also making our own garments using sustainable materials.

At the moment it’s a one women band plus a supportive partner helping with all thing’s website related and tech, I’m not the tech savvy one in this house, I actually think my son could tell me more than I know and he’s only 19 months old!

We love to fill our socials with inspirational ideas for your big day and also all our products we sell, so please check them out and give us a follow.

If you’re interested in being stocked with us or want to collaborate on a project please do get in contact, we love to hear and see new ideas all the time, you can get me on .

Anyway, that all about us (mainly me) and I really hope you like our brand and all we have to offer.

Lots of Love to all,

Lydia. X